Rotary Park

Monday May 11th


Cardinals....Joey 6


Marlins....Hunter 1...Jesse 5

Tuesday May 12th


White Sox...Talan 5  Ryan  1

Padres  Ben 4  J.P.  1

Wednesday May 13th


Cardinals...Charles 1 Christian  2  Dylan 2


Mets ..Jake 4

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Youth Sports of Hollywood Inc. (YSOH)

YSOH is incorporated under the laws of the State of Florida as a non-profit organization.  All members are volunteers and do not get compensated.  YSOH also does businees as (DBA) Hollywood Hills Baseball, Hollywood Hills Softball, and Hollywood Hills Baseball and Softball.


Mission Statement

The objective of YSOH, shall be to implant firmly in the children of the community the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage, and reverence so that they will be finer, stronger, happier children and will grow to be good, clean, healthy adults.  This objective shall be achieved by providing supervised competitive baseball and softball games.  The supervisors shall bear in mind at all times that the attainment of exceptional athletic skill or winning of games is secondary and the molding of future citizens is of prime importance.